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What is a Neighbourhood Plan


Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act has introduced a right for local communities to draw up a new type of community plan called a Neighbourhood Plan. 

The Localism Act enables a local group to work together with their Town Council to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out a development vision about how the local community wants their local area to develop in the future. It is essential that this Plan is community based.

Neighbourhood Plans must conform with the broad aims and objectives of the statutory Development Plans covering the New Forest and the National Park Authority along with national planning policy. They can also propose development that hasn't been identified in the adopted New Forest District Council Local Plan.

Our neighbourhood development plans can be very simple, or could go into considerable detail where people want. Local communities, through their Town Council Planning Committee,  might also be able to grant full or outline planning permission in areas where they most want to see new homes and businesses, making it easier and quicker for development to go ahead.

Provided a neighbourhood development plan is in line with national planning policy, with the strategic vision for the wider area set by New Forest District Council, and with other legal requirements, local people will be able to vote on it in a referendum. If the plan is approved by a simple majority, then the local authority will adopt it and bring it into force.