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Your Neighbourhood. Your Say

The Neighbourhood Plan if approved by you all, is the best chance for the Community to have a say in shaping the future growth and development in New Milton and to improve its reputation as a great place to live, work and play.

Read the Results of the March 2017 Public Consultation Survey

What you said ...

Report of October 16 Survey



The October 2016 Consultation resulted in 415 people who responded to the Questionnaire. 

Your Vision : A more vibrant New Milton for all the community.



·       You love living between the sea and Forest with the facilities of a small town, especially the train station.

·   But you would like a better quality and variety of shops with more character and life that continues in the evening with restaurants, family pubs and  a cinema.

·   You want traffic that flows, access to regular trains to London, S’hampton and B’Mouth – and better public transport.

·   Good health care and education for all.


·   Affordable homes and jobs for young people as well as old-new employers with quality jobs.

 With current NFDC housing proposals, New Milton is predicted to get older 2016 - 2036...

See Map below for current NFDC housing locations

Click on Map for Larger Image


But to attract new shops and restaurants and new employers, our Town needs a better balance of young and old.

How can we do this?

·       Most new homes built should be for younger people and families, with as many affordable homes for rent and shared ownership that we can achieve.




·       There would need to be more homes built than NFDC currently propose to keep and attract more young people to balance the age groups. 

Is building more than 930 dwellings to keep and attract more young people. something you would support ?

Map below shows possible locations for more housing in the town centre (through redevelopment) and at Site K - off Stem Lane


Click on Map for Larger Image

Read the results of the Public Consultation Survey held during March 2017


As we have now received your responses to these questions 

·       We will look into what can be delivered and what the knock-on effects will be for traffic and health care.

·       We will negotiate with developers to offset the negative effects as much as we can e.g. new traffic lay-outs and junctions, health care and schools.

We will then consult you again during the Summer 2017.


A Neighbourhood Plan can only be put in place with the support of a final referendum, so that you will have the chance of a final say towards the end of 2018 or early in 2018.


Make Sure you Play Your Part - It's our Town's  Future