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Neighbourhood Plan - Examination

The Final ‘Draft’ Plan has now been submitted to New Forest District Council.

NFDC will publicise the Neighbourhood Plan for a minimum of 6 weeks, invite representations, notify any consultation body referred to in the consultation statement and send the draft neighbourhood plan to independent examination.


The Independent Examination

The Neighbourhood Plan is submitted by New Forest District Council for independent examination. If satisfied, the examiner will recommend that the Plan goes to referendum.

It is expected that the examination of a draft Neighbourhood Plan will not include a public hearing. However, where the examiner considers it necessary to ensure adequate examination of an issue, or to give a person a fair chance to put a case, they must hold a hearing. The independent examiner would then determine:

·         the format and scope of the hearing

·         who will be invited to speak at a hearing

·         the questions to be asked at the hearing.

How can the public make their views known to the independent examiner?

By submitting written representations to NFDC during the statutory publicity period.

You can follow progress and submit queries here.