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Neighbourhood Plan - Examination

Consultation now ended - moving towards Referendum.

The Consultation period is now over and the Examiner has now advised that the Plan can proceed to Referendum, with minor modifications as agreed, and without the need for a hearing or further consultation.


The Independent Examination

The Neighbourhood Plan is submitted by New Forest District Council for independent examination. If satisfied, the examiner will recommend that the Plan goes to referendum.

It is expected that the examination of a draft Neighbourhood Plan will not include a public hearing. However, where the examiner considers it necessary to ensure adequate examination of an issue, or to give a person a fair chance to put a case, they must hold a hearing. The independent examiner would then determine:

·         the format and scope of the hearing

·         who will be invited to speak at a hearing

·         the questions to be asked at the hearing.



New Milton Procedural Matters Letter and questions


New Milton - Preliminary Questions - Response NFDC NMTC

1A Neighbourhood Plan File Note - Age Occupancy

1B New Forest Population Age Profile Forecast

1B New Forest Population Age Profile Forecast - Supporting Statistics

NM3 Concept Masterplan November 2019

Examiner's Report for Fact Checking by NFDC/NFNPA and NMTC

Joint Response to the Examiner

NPA Decision Statement (January 2020)